26th February          ‘What can a parent do’ parenting course

22nd October           ‘From pram to pushchair’ parenting course

26th November        ‘Managing Difficult Behaviour’ workshop

10th December        First steps to nursery – 6 weeks of fun


11th March              ‘Being Assertive’ parenting course

10th & 17th March   Bullying workshop

2009-2010              Family S.E.A.L. (Social, Emotional, Aspects of Learning) workshops:

·       New beginnings

·       Getting on and Falling out

·       Going for goals

·       Good to be me

·       Relationships

·       Changes


30th January           12 hours First Aid training

10th March              ‘Fives to Fifteen’ Parenting Programme

30th March               Introduction to Childcare Practice – DHC Unit 1 Pass

14th April                  Let’s Talk with Under 5’s – Level 1

8th May                    Introduction to Safeguarding of Children (Child Protection)

15th May                  SEAD (Social and Emotional Aspects of Development) Training for Childminders

21st July                  First Steps to Nursery

14th September       Speech and Language Support for Under 5’s – Level 3

23rd September       Voice of the Child

6th November          Self Evaluation Form Workshop

17th November        Environmental Health requirements



20th January           The childcare practitioner in the home-based setting

20th January           Working in partnership with parents in the home-based setting

23rd March              Voice of the Child

15th April                 Planning to meet children’s individual learning needs in the home-based setting

25th May                 Let’s get healthy with HENRY (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young)

25th June                Learning journeys

28th June                Childcare and child development (0-16) in the home-based setting

15th July                 2-4 MEND Healthy eating programme

15th October           Advanced Safeguarding for Childminders

1st November         ECAT (Every Child A Talker)

15th November       Bullying Workshop

19th November       Equality & Diversity



28th January           Meeting the Needs of babies and Toddlers in the first 24 months of their life

20th February          2 year old funding/SENCO

3rd March                Planning through Observation

10th March              Jabadao – Movement Games

25th March              Listen, Talk and Smile Conference (Communication)

31st March              Providing an Environment that encourages problem solving from 18 to 42 months

4th June                  Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering

30th June                Revised EYFS 2012

22nd September      Let’s get Physical Conference

6th October              Babies and toddlers’ speech, language and communication development training

6th October              Working with Parents and Families to support young children’s Speech, Language and Communication Development

6th October              Early Language Development Programme: Working with under 3’s: Positive approaches to supporting communication development

17th November        PSED Conference



26th January           SEF Workshop for Childminders

30th January           12 Hour Paediatric First Aid Training

6th February            Asthma/Allergy training session

28th February          More Great Childcare - Information for Registered Childminders

23rd March              Marvellous Maths in the EYFS

3rd June                  Early Years Code of Practice for Food and Drink

15th July                  Eat Better Start Better

16th July                  Keeping up with the Ofsted changes – Childminders

1st October              Forest Childcare

5th October              Exploring Literacy in the EYFS

5th December          Ofsted Information Evening for childminders

7th December          EYFS Understanding the World Conference



18th January           Early Years Autism Awareness Training course

8th February           Making meaningful connections with parents - Safeguarding Level 4

15th February         EYFS Expressive Arts and Design Conference 

4th April                   Early Years Celebration

14th April                 Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services – Children and Young People’s Advanced                                       Practice

10th May                 English as an Additional Language

5th July                   Equality & Diversity for Early Years

20th September      How a child’s early experiences shape the rest of their life/why early years settings matter more than they know

25th September      Marvellous Minders information evening including Local Offer

29th November       Supporting 2 year olds conference

29th December       Food allergy



7th March                Overview of the EYFS for Childminders

26th March              Providers Information Evening

25th April                 Network Support meeting - Assertiveness Communication Programme

3rd June                  Network Support meeting - E-safety

6th June                  Five to Thrive

26th August             Female Genital Mutilation: Recognising and Preventing FGM V1.3

26th August             Awareness of Forced Marriage

26th Sept                 Early Years Ofsted Conference – Safeguarding in the Early Years and Common Inspection Framework

14th November        Paediatric First Aid – Level 3


28th January           Network Support meeting – Preventing and Treating Childhood Obesity

27th March              Schemas

14th May                 Developmental Delay: Identifying needs through observation and assessment

15th June                Providers Information Evening – Providers Portal training

7th July                    Network Support meeting – how to support children re: drug and alcohol abuse in the home

29th September      Raising Developmental Concerns with Parents

29th September      Supporting children’s emotional well-being

29th September      Expectations of Behaviour

29th September      Supporting Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

1st October             Early Years British Values

17th October           Channel General Awareness module

30th November       Network Support meeting - Epilepsy training and Safeguarding refresher



16th January           Providers information evening - EY Funding; EY Census; Safeguarding; Southend Learning Network

11th March             Early Years Conference - IT Social Media

6th May                  Safeguarding Children

17th June                Positive Behaviour Management training

21st June                Early Years Providers Evening regarding the 30 hours funding

13th September      How sensory needs affect a child’s learning, behaviour and social participation

29th November       Early Years Providers Evening 30 hours progress review



17th January          Network Support meeting - Fire Safety Awareness

1st March               Effective Partnership Working with Fathers

8th March               Network Support meeting – General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

24th April                Sensory Play and Learning webinar

2nd May                  Childminders Working Together

12th November       Southend Childminder Network Support Meeting



16th January             Network Support meeting – 30 hours funding

6th March                 Cache Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health

11th April                   A Better Start Southend – ‘Who’s the Expert?’ Conference – Innovation in Co-Production and Service Design

11th May                  Makaton

2nd July                   Child Psychology – Level 3 Diploma

3rd July                    Network Meeting - Latest Ofsted changes, Funding and Providers Portal

26th September       Network Meeting – Wellcomm training

5th October              Early Years Hungry Minds Conference

12th October           Early Years Safeguarding Refresher



18th January            Level 4 Designated Safeguarding Lead for childminders

9th May                    Prevent COVID-19

11th May                  Mental Health and Wellbeing

22nd September      EYFS Reforms – A Blended Curriculum 

30th September       EYFS and Development Matters 2020

6th October              EYFS Reforms – Designing your Curriculum

20th October            EYFS Reforms – Teaching Children

3rd November          EYFS Reforms – Sequenced Curriculum

5th November          Safeguarding and supporting our vulnerable children

24th November        EYFS Reforms – Teach so children remember




8th February            Hygge in the Early Years – Wanderlust Child: Nature Study (60 hours)

12th March              An introduction to SchemaPlay Pedagogy

23rd March              Level 2 - Understanding early years environments and children’s spaces (6 hours)

26th March              Level 1 - Children’s perspectives on play (5 hours)

13th April                 Level 1 - Childhood in the digital age (12 hours)

15th April                 Level 1 - Understanding children: Babies being heard (5 hours)

19th April                 Level 2 - Explore children’s learning (20 hours)

23rd April                 Level 1 – Parents as partners (16 hours)

29th April                 Level 1 – The family at the centre of early learning (9 hours)

18th May                 EYFS Update workshop (booked on)