About My Setting

My Home


I pride myself on having a safe, clean and smoke free home. I have a large enclosed garden full of equipment and toys, which is always open to the children.  I am within walking distance of parks, the beach, library, duck pond, three children's centers and local shops, and a frequent visitor to all of them!




I do not provide food and ask that all parents provide a lunch box for their child containing all the food they will require for the day.  I would respectfully ask that no chocolate or sweets are included.  Other children do not understand why one child has sweets when they do not.  Also, during the summer we go out a lot and chocolate tends to melt by lunchtime.


All food and drink will be consumed at the table and we will all sit and eat together at meal times to ensure that this is a regular, pleasant and social event.  I sit with the children and encourage them to talk and listen to each other, learning to respect each other’s views and opinions, likes and dislikes, etc.  I encourage children to take turns, share and be polite and also encourage common courtesies such as saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.


I do not have sterilising equipment or baby bottles, so please could bottles be supplied already sterilised with powdered milk or ready for use which I will keep in the fridge.

Equal Opportunities

I will treat every child with equal concern and respect to meet their individual needs, regardless of gender, social background, ethnic origin, religion, age or ability.  I will always help children to feel good about themselves and others, by celebrating the differences which make us all unique.    


  • Mother and Toddler groups
  • Park - feeding ducks
  • Beach
  • Library visits – story rhymes
  • Farm – Marsh Farm, Hadleigh Farm etc
  • Museum visits
  • Sealife Centre
  • Walking – school run, nature trails in the woods, local shops
  • Garden play
  • Cooking
  • Arts & Crafts

Toys/Activities at my setting


·        Books for all ages

·        Teddy bears and fluffy animals

·        Baby dolls, pushchairs, cots and prams

·        Jigsaws and puzzles for all ages

·        Lights and sounds activity toys

·        Colouring books, pencils & crayons

·        Dressing up

·        Talking books

·        Games ie hungry hippos, buckaroo, twister etc

·        Action men and Barbie

·        Messy play ie paints, glue, crafts

·        Play Doh/Moonsand

·        Cars and garage

·        Play kitchen, food and utensils

·        Play tents and tunnels

·        Bikes and scooters

·        Slide, swing and climbing frame in garden

·        Play house

·        Ride ons

·        DVD’s

·        Many, many more …………….. 

All toys are checked and cleaned regularly.  Broken ones are thrown away and replaced.  Babies' toys are cleaned weekly as they tend to put everything in their mouths.  

Weekly Planner


I believe children feel secure in a routine as they know what to expect.  However, all routines should be flexible and I do adapt the activities to the individual interests of the children.  I allow children to choose what activities they want to do because child-led play is important. It gives the child control over what they are doing which improves their confidence and keeps them stimulated. I provide an environment where the child can develop through play making new discoveries and taking risks within safe boundaries. 
During school holidays the routine is obviously slightly different as there are no toddler groups.  I try to take the children out daily to different places including library, local museums, parks, sealife centre, Kids Kingdom, Fun Factory, Monkey Bizness and plenty of walks.
I endeavour to go out every day and base my choice to suit the children in my care that day.  I choose the groups I attend very carefully taking each child's individual needs into account.  For example, if I have a shy, quiet child I will not attend a busy group where they might be intimidated.  If I have a very active, inquisitive child, I will go somewhere with lots of space to run and explore.
Term Themes
I do not have set term themes as I believe that every day is full of opportunities to learn about numbers, colours, road safety, ourselves etc.   I tailor each child's learning experience based on their individual interests as they are more willing to participate if it is something they like.  

For example, meal times provide opportunities to discuss numbers; colours; healthy eating; practise sharing; taking turns; social interaction and table etiquette. The children are encouraged to help prepare the meals; set the table and tidy up after the meal. By giving them responsibilities teaches that they are important and that their input is appreciated. It also teaches them life skills such as cooking; health eating and hygiene.  
The toddler group run is another daily learning experience. The children learn how to put their coat and shoes on ensuring they leave enough time for laces and buttons. The children learn about time management because we need to leave on time or we will be late. On the walk, we learn about road safety and the importance of keeping together especially when in the busy school. To amuse the children on the way, we play ‘what colour is that car?’; and ‘what is that door number?‘. The older children are encouraged to walk nicely and be good role models to the younger children.
3 and 4 year olds
I understand that 3 and 4 year old children need a more structured approach to learning and therefore their invidividual learning plans will include specific themes to get them ready for school.  I will incorporate a more focused approach to learning during our day together taking into account the child's interests.