House Rules

I have written a few simple ‘House Rules’.  They are designed to help us all work and play together happily and safely. They are available for the children to see in my home, both in words and in pictures. I work with the children to ensure that they understand the rules and why I have them. Mostly they are to ensure the safety of all those in the home and to help the children learn to respect each other and others property. They are probably very similar to the ‘rules’ that you have in your own home.

We all sit at the table (or in our highchair) to eat or drink.

This is to prevent spills and choking accidents. It also helps to create a social atmosphere in which children can learn good table manners.


We treat the furniture with respect

This is to prevent children from falling off settees and hurting themselves and also to learn to respect others’ property and to use things for what they were designed.


We look after the toys and play with them correctly

We learn not to throw toys as this could hurt someone and/or break the toy.


We remove our shoes in the hallway

We don’t want to tread mud (or worse) onto the carpets and flooring where the babies crawl and we sit to play.


We treat others how we would like to be treated

We learn good manners, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and are nice to each other. We do not allow any hurting of each other either by physical or verbal means.


We share our toys and activities and help to tidy away when finished with them

We will not fall over toys and hurt ourselves if we keep the floor tidy.