Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for holidays?

I don't charge for any holidays I take.  If you need to use one of my back-up childminders you pay them direct.  I usually take a week in the Summer holidays and two weeks over Christmas.  As I have term time only children, I will endeavour to take my holidays during school holidays unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Any holiday you take will be charged at full rate - you are paying for a space to be available for the hours and days specified on your contract and not for your child's actual attendance.  If I am available to work on your contracted hours/days, then the fees will be payable.  If I am unable to work due to holiday or sickness, then no fees will be due.

Parents with a term-time contract will not be charged a retainer during holidays.  However, any holiday taken during term-time will be charged at full rate. 


What happens if I am late collecting my child?

I appreciate that there will be times when you are late due to unforeseen circumstances and I will of course continue to care for your child.  A text is sufficient to let me know and give an estimated time of arrival.  I hope you understand that additional charges may be applicable.

What happens if I want to drop off late/collect early?

It is no problem if you want to drop off later/collect earlier than your contracted hours.  However, you will still have to pay for your contracted hours.  I will always be at home when a child is due to be dropped off or collected but outside these times, you may have to come to where we are.  It is not fair for the other children to miss out on our regular groups or cut short an outing because your child will be dropped off late/collected early. 

What if I need more hours or days than my contracted ones as a one off?

I always strive to be flexible.  If the space is available and it doesn't take me over the number of children I am registered to care for, I am happy to accommodate extra hours and/or days.  If additional hours are requested and agreed, these will be charged for even if the child is dropped off later and collected earlier as I will have planned my day around when the children are dropped off and collected.  There is no problem if you need your child to come for hours outside your contracted hours and I will always try to accommodate extra days/hours.  However, I would be grateful if you could please try to arrive and collect at the times we have agreed. 


Do you give discounts for siblings?

Yes, if you are full time (Monday to Friday for more than 7 hours per day) there is a 10% discount for the older child.

What happens if you can’t work due to illness?

In the event that I or one of my children is ill, I will provide you with details of my back-up childminders.  I work very closely with these childminders and your child will know them; have visited their home and know the children they mind.  We meet up regularly in each other’s homes and also see each other at children centres; toddler groups and local events.  I will not charge you.  If you are happy for one of my back-up childminders to care for your child, then you would pay them direct.


What happens if my child is ill?

If your child has a cold then I am happy to continue caring for them, provided they are well enough to take out on school runs.  If your child has sickness, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis or anything infectious, I won’t be able to look after them until 48 hours after the illness.  As I am available to work and unable to fill the space at short notice, you will be charged when your child cannot attend due to illness.  If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, it may be necessary for you to collect them early depending on their illness.


What happens if you are taken ill suddenly?

In the unlikely event that I am taken ill suddenly, I carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with the contact details of my husband and back-up childminders. My husband will get in touch with all the parents and one of my back-up childminders will sit with the children until their parents arrive.  If I am taken ill whilst at home, my next door neighbour is a retired childminder who can stay with the children until my back-up childminder or their parents arrive.   My neighbour is always happy to meet parents should they want to.
What should my child wear?

Your child will be using paint, play dough, glue and lots of other creative but ‘messy’ stuff, and although I provide aprons, it is advisable that your child does not wear their best clothes.

In hot summer months, please make sure that your child is wearing sun cream and has a sun hat as we spend a lot of time in the garden, park, beach etc.

During the winter months, please ensure your child has a warm coat, gloves, hat etc as we still go out to play.

Please feel free to contact me with any other queries you may have.