Forest Childcare

I am a Forest Childcare Provider and I believe that spending time outdoors is very important. The children go outdoors every day, at least once a day, no matter what the weather because I believe that fresh air and wide open spaces are good for them. I have a fully enclosed back garden that the children can access whenever they want. I also live near to lovely parks, woodland areas and nature reserves and we visit one of these places about once a week.

Forest Childcare is about giving small children the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors on a regular basis. Outdoor play and outings contribute to learning and health, and most importantly help children grow to appreciate the natural environment.

As a member of the Forest Childcare Association, I agree to the Five Principles of Forest Childcare and endeavour to put these principles into practice at my childcare setting:

The Five Principles of Forest Childcare
1.       The Forest Childcare Provider takes the children to an outdoor environment normally once a week.
2.       Forest Childcare outings are made as safe as is reasonably possible by the childcare provider while encouraging children to learn to take their own risks.
3.       Forest Childcare outings are taken all year long, so children go outside whatever the weather.
4.       The Forest Childcare Provider offers a mixture of planned and child-led play activities to the children.
5.       The Forest Childcare Provider is first aid certified.

 Forest Childcare Copyright Kay Woods 2013