Hourly rate: £6 per hour 


Bank holidays (I do not work bank holidays): No fee


Parent/child holiday/sickness: Full fee


Childminder sickness:  No fee


Occasional day off parent/child:  Full fee

Term-time contracts: No retainer charged during holidays

Term-time* contracts parent/child holiday (taken during term-time):  Full fee


Childminder holiday:  No fee
Settling in period:  No fee 
Late payment fee:    £5 per day

Unauthorised early drop off/late collection rate:  £5 for every 15 minutes (see separate Dropping off and Collection Policy)





All fees are payable a month in advance and to be received by (not on) the 1st of each month.  This is to secure your child’s place.  The fee will stand if the child is sick or absent.   


Late payment will be charged at £5 per day (please see separate Fees Policy)


As I am Ofsted registered, I can be paid using Tax Credits or Childcare Vouchers.  I accept payment by online banking, cash or cheque (which must be cleared by (not on) 1st of the month).



*  Term time is as dictated by the Local Authority and the dates can be found here: