Physical Development

Your children will learn to move confidently, controlling their bodies and handling equipment.  They will become spatially aware ie moving in a crowded room without bumping into each other. Body movements will be encouraged by use of music, dance and action rhymes and the use of props such as streamers, scarves and balloons. 
They will learn to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active in an indoor and an outdoor environment.  The children will be encouraged to learn about the effects of activity on their bodies and the need for a healthy lifestyle.
A range of equipment both indoors and outdoors will be available on a daily basis and the children will have access to the garden at all times provided appropriate clothing is supplied. 
The vocabulary of movement will be introduced by using words such as ‘slither’, jump’, bend’, stretch’ ’follow’, and ‘lead’. 
Fine motor skills will be developed through the provision of a range of objects: ‘small world’ toys, construction sets, threading, manipulation of material such as play dough and the availability of pens, pencils, paintbrushes and other marking equipment.