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Transporting Children in a Car Policy

The safety of your child is paramount and I have therefore put together the following procedures regarding the transportation of children in my car.


I have a full, clean driving license, which is available for you to see on request


I will ensure my car is in road worthy condition by having it regularly serviced by a reputable garage.  I will ensure it complies with all legislation, MOT, Car Tax etc


I will ensure it is covered by Business Use, Car Insurance and the Certificate is available for you to see


I will avoid where possible taking your child to a petrol station, by filling up my car before or after my minded hours


I will ensure all car seats are correctly fitted, age and stage appropriate for the children using them and that they are correctly strapped into them


I will ensure that the child safety locks are in use on my car


I will always carry a mobile telephone with me in case of an emergency but will not answer it whilst driving. I will return calls only if safely parked or having arrived at our destination


I will always carry identification and contact phone numbers for me and the minded children in case of an emergency


I will always carry a First Aid kit in the car in case of an emergency


I will never leave a child unattended in a car.  However, when obtaining a parking ticket, I may leave the children in the car as walking across a car park could prove more hazardous than leaving the children in the car.  If this happens, the children will be in sight at all times in accordance with the EYFS.  I will endeavour to park as close to a ticket machine as possible in these situations or travel with another childminder who can stand by the car.

I will teach your child about the dangers of cars and roads, in an age appropriate way.


I will advise you in advance if we are making any special trips or long trips in the car.


If your child suffers from travel sickness please let me know immediately.