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Sickness Policy

I appreciate that as a working parent you need to be able to go to work, however if your child is unwell then they will be bettered cared for in their own home with a parent. I am happy to care for children with minor coughs and colds but will not care for children who are very unwell, infectious or running a high temperature.  I have to go out each day to do school and pre-school runs and need to consider the welfare of all the children in my care.


I cannot look after your child if they have had diarrhoea or sickness in the last 48 hours.


If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, I will make them as comfortable as possible, isolate them from the other children if necessary and reassure them. I will contact you immediately and continue to care for your child until you arrive.


I am happy to administer medication - please see my medicine policy.


I reserve the right to refuse admission of any child who is unwell or has an infection that could be passed on, including head lice and conjunctivitis.


I will contact you if one of my own children is not well, inform you of the illness/symptoms and if I am able to work. This then allows you to make an informed decision as to whether to bring your child or not.


I am happy to work when I have minor ailments such as colds etc however I will not work if I have sickness or diarrhoea or any other highly contagious infection.  Continuing to work would only result in a further spreading of the germs and I would be unable to give your child the care they deserve.

I have therefore arranged emergency cover with three Ofsted Registered Childminders.  These childminders; their homes and the children they care for will be known to your child.  They are happy to care for your child whilst I am unwell, providing it doesn’t take them over their registered numbers.  If you wish to meet with them beforehand, please let me know.  If I contact you to inform you that I am unwell and therefore unable to work, please call any of the above to arrange cover.  I do not charge if I am unable to work through illness and the above-mentioned childminders will charge you at our agreed rate for the day(s) they cover.