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Emergency Evacuation Plan

In the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation when I have children in my care ie gas leak/fire/flood, I would follow the following procedure:-


  • Get the children out as quickly as possible; I can use the front door, garage door, back door or French doors.  I will use the double buggy to strap children in to if I have to go back in for another child.
  • Close all doors as we leave the house
  • Phone fire brigade
  • Go to Emergency Helper (my next door neighbour who is a retired childminder or in case of a fire, go to my opposite neighbours)
  • Phone children’s parent/main carer or emergency carer if main carer unavailable
  • Phone Ofsted 

I will always carry my mobile phone fully charged number 07958 984609 which has been issued to all parents. 


All emergency contact numbers for each child is held on the phone (parent’s contact numbers, doctor etc).  Other emergency numbers of my own doctor, police station, emergency responsible person to mind children are also on my phone.


I will keep the car in full working order, ie petrol, mot, insurance and car seats.