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School Run

This is reviewed prior to each outing taking place, and any incidents occurring are recorded in my accident/incident book.  I will remember to take my mobile telephone, emergency contact numbers and a first aid kit.


Type of outing:     School run


How will we get there:   Walk


Potential risks on the journey and how I will minimise these risks:  

  • I will keep a look out for animal faeces and broken glass on the path to ensure that no-one steps on it.
  • I will also check for overhanging bushes and branches to ensure that they will not scratch a child’s face or go in their eyes. 
  • If we pass a dog, I will teach the children to ask the dog’s owner if it is a friendly dog before stroking it to avoid a child getting bitten.  There are no roads to cross on the way to school. However, I will teach the children to listen for cars and look before they walk in front of a driveway.
  • I will teach the children to stay close to me or hold the pushchair at all times to avoid anyone getting lost.
Potential risks once we arrive and how I will minimise these risks:
  • To stop a child getting lost, I will make sure I can see them at all times.  If a child persists in running off, I will hold their hand until I can trust them not to run off.
  • To avoid a child going with someone they don’t know, I will teach them basic ‘Stranger Danger’ rules – never accept gifts or sweets from a stranger; never get in a car with a stranger; never go anywhere with a stranger; and never go off on your own without telling your parents or a trusted adult.
  • To prevent a child getting hurt by running around, I will teach them to act responsibly.