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Outings by Car

This is reviewed prior to each outing taking place, and any incidents occurring are recorded in my accident/incident book.  I will remember to take my mobile telephone, emergency contact numbers and a first aid kit.


Type of outing:     Any


How will we get there:  By car


Potential risks on the journey and how I will minimise these risks:

  • To prevent breaking down, I will ensure that my car is serviced annually and has a current mot. 
  • To avoid stopping at a petrol garage, I will ensure that my car has enough petrol for the whole trip.
  • I will manage the children’s behaviour in the car by playing games like eye spy and singing songs.  If a situation arises which requires my attention, I will find a safe place to stop the car and not try to deal with it whilst driving.
  • To avoid things being thrown out of the window, the parental locks are on and can’t be opened by the children.
  • To prevent a child falling out of the car, the child door locks are activated.
  • To avoid a child being seriously injured in an accident, I will ensure that the children understand that wearing a seatbelt correctly is compulsory.  I will explain that if they are not wearing a seatbelt and we are involved in an accident, then they could get seriously hurt. I will set a good example by always wearing my seatbelt.
  • To stop a child being injured, I will ensure that they are in the correct car seat/booster for their age/weight.  I will check these regularly for wear and tear/damage.  Car seats/boosters which are unsuitable for use are thrown away and replaced with new ones.  do not buy second-hand car seats/boosters as I cannot guarantee that they have not been in an accident.
Potential risks once we arrive and how I will minimise these risks:
  • To avoid a child getting hurt, I will insist that children keep their seatbelts on until the car has stopped completely. 
  • To prevent accidents, I will teach the children about road safety and they will always get out of the car on the pavement side.  In a car park, I will teach them that there are cars everywhere and use extreme caution when looking for a safe place to wait.